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In a land of happiness, where hearts are free, people find their comforts, and just like to be.
Most people know of traditional high teas but those who really enjoy life, know about Elevenzees.
A small snack after breakfast, just before lunch at noon, eat it up because tea is coming soon!
Patty’s dad inspired the name of this store, he had three meals a day and often more.
Small and nimble like a Hobbit, he actually had hair on his toes but he would bob it.
An hour after breakfast, he would be in the larder, “I’m just getting a few boiled peanuts for a starter.”
On his face would be a nice big smile, “I’ll be back for Elevenzees in a while.”
At tea time he found a more soothing device, time with his family and maybe a gin on ice.
He was the picture of balance and content, he loved life no matter how a specific day went.
Live now! Don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday, that is the lesson his presence helped us obey.
May this store add to your “Joie de vivre” we hope you enjoy your Elevenzees!

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