Bamboo Placemat and Runner
Bamboo Placemat Square WhiteBamboo Placemat Rectangle Lawn GreenBamboo Placemat Square TealBamboo Placemat Square SmokeBamboo Placemat Square PoppyBamboo Placemat Square OatBamboo Placemat Square NavyBamboo Placemat Square MandarinBamboo Placemat Square Lawn GreenBamboo Placemat Square Jet BlackBamboo Placemat Square Grey FlannelBamboo Placemat Square DuneBamboo Placemat Square CranberryBamboo Placemat Square ChocolateBamboo Placemat Square ChinoBamboo Placemat Square CharcoalBamboo Placemat Square ChalkBamboo Placemat Square CamelBamboo Placemat Square BrickBamboo Placemat Rectangle WhiteBamboo Placemat Rectangle TealBamboo Placemat Rectangle SmokeBamboo Placemat Rectangle PoppyBamboo Placemat Rectangle OatBamboo Placemat Rectangle NavyBamboo Placemat Rectangle MandarinBamboo Placemat Rectangle Jet BlackBamboo Placemat Rectangle Grey FlannelBamboo Placemat Rectangle DuneBamboo Placemat Rectangle CranberryBamboo Placemat Rectangle ChocolateBamboo Placemat Rectangle ChinoBamboo Placemat Rectangle CharcoalBamboo Placemat Rectangle ChalkBamboo Placemat Rectangle CamelBamboo Placemat Rectangle Brick

Bamboo Rectangle & Square Placemat by Chilewich

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Bamboo combines modern practicality with a serene Asian sensibility. This subtle design has a natural feel that will complement and enhance a wide range of tableware, from traditional to contemporary. Indoor/outdoor use. Made in USA.┬áPlease note that “Bamboo” relates to the item design, not the material. The textile is vinyl.

Rectangle 14″ x 19″ (36 x 48 cm) | Square 13″ x 14″ (33 x 36 cm)

Available in 17 colors:

  • Teal | Mandarin | Chino | Dune | Poppy | Cranberry | Lawn green | Oat | Camel | Brick | Charcoal | Chocolate | White | Chalk | Grey flannel | Smoke | Jet black

Bamboo placemats and runners also available in the following shapes:

  • Round 15″ diam. (38 cm diam.) | Oval 14″ x 19.25″ (36 x 49 cm) | Runner 14″ x 72″ (36 x 183 cm)

For round and oval Bamboo placemats please click here.

For Bamboo runner please click here.

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